Safer Gay Dating Means Your Data, Too

Recently, there have been global industry revelations about how dating apps store share, sell and mine data. Coupled with the UK’s implementation of GDPR, a regulation that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union, data protection has become an important topic of conversation — particularly in the dating industry. It is estimated that one billion adults globally are currently using dating apps, and that number continues to grow.

Where does Chappy stand on this topic? 

The safety and security of our community is at the heart of everything we do at Chappy. We choose not to share data with anyone and that includes third parties and advertisers. Chappy takes enormous responsibility, not only in terms of protecting sensitive data and personal information, but by delivering a service that is respectful

Our proprietary tech, infrastructure, servers and data centers mean there is no possibility of any external access. Chappy is established on a foundation of world-class technical features that keep in-app actions and data secure and private, at all times. Data protection is important to all users of apps, and this is why Chappy takes this issue extremely seriously.

Gay men have always needed safe-spaces; places they could gather without fear of stigma, judgment, persecution or the fear of any kind of violation. Chappy aims to be one of those places. 

— Sam Dumas, Head of Brand, Chappy

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