Hookups Are Human, Too: 5 Things To Do After Your, Um, Appointment

So you just hooked up with a match — now what? 

Typically, our culture treats a casual hookup like a transaction: as soon as everyone gets what they want, you go about your way and maybe pretend like you’ve never met. Then two weeks later you’re on the subway platform or in line at Jamba Juice, you see them, and suddenly your phone becomes VERY interesting. Too real..?

At Chappy, we think that just because a random hookup may be “meaningless,” it doesn’t have to be unkind. Here are a couple of ways you could, (we don’t know), treat a hookup like a human?

1. Snuggle for a minute.

Because sometimes that is way better than sex.

2. Just, like, talk?

Small talk. Where are you from. Are you new to the area. What’s your prediction for the song of the summer. Say anything other than “My Uber’s 4 minutes away,” and that hookup might turn into a conversation.

3. Get a bite to eat!

You’re probably not on to your next… adventure too soon. Maybe have some company while you schlep to the corner store. You could even split a pizza!

4. Make sure they get home safely.

If you hosted, maybe offer to call them a ride. With a little extra care, a hookup can be a positive experience without any of the nerves or uncertainty.

5. Say thanks.

Even if it wasn’t that great or you don’t plan to see each other again, it’s important to remember that your match is more than just what they can do for you (or to you), and it doesn’t take much to be a little kinder.


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