We Met On Chappy: Brad & Dom

Brad and Dom are a Chappy Success Story! Read more about them and find your own on Chappy now:

“Brad said he swiped right on me first and that he didn't think I'd return the gesture. Well, I did and we matched. Then we sat in each other’s matches lists for a while.

He finally messaged me in early December and we hit it off pretty quickly. One thing led to another, and we met for the first time just after Christmas.

Our ‘first date’ wasn't really a date, as I still didn't want a relationship. But we met up, had pizza, went for a long walk on the beach (after dark, in Herne Bay) and spent the night together. I think Brad was surprised I didn't run off as soon as I saw him but I was just as surprised he didn't do the same to me! Especially when he found out I love pineapple on my pizza.

A few weeks later, and after a few weekends together, we had a talk and I uninstalled Chappy along with all the other dating apps – we’d decided to start dating properly and become exclusive. It all felt so natural, and something which scared me so much for long (getting into another relationship) just felt so right.

Since then, our relationship has gone from strength to strength. We went from fancying each other, to “really, really liking” each other. And now we love each other, and even though it’s still pretty early (only six months in), I already know I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

Even though I was so happy to get rid of Chappy, I’ll always be grateful to you guys for making the app that helped me find the love of my life. So thank you!”