The Chappy Pledge & Josh Rivers: Official Statement

''It saddens us to see the tweets Josh Rivers, Editor, Gay Times made between 2010 — 2015. Whilst we accept he is a different person entirely today — one that is dedicated to creating equality and diversity, it is incredibly disappointing. It's important to state that we had no reason to believe Josh ever felt that way, about anyone. To our knowledge, he had only ever displayed a relentless passion for inclusion, empathy, understanding and ensuring there was a platform for the voices that are so seldom heard. It was that passion that led to his appointment as Gay Times editor.

We have chosen to remove Josh from The Chappy Pledge as it's important we allow the ‘Don't be a Dick’ campaign to continue to address and highlight the issues gay, bi, non-binary and trans men face on dating platforms without any distraction.''

Ollie Locke, Co-founder, Chappy