Ten Best Opening Lines for Gay Dating Apps

Tale as old as time: you’ve seen him a couple of times working retail at that place, exchanged a few glances but then quickly exchanged your pants and bounced. Then, you were two rows in front of him at yoga and suddenly felt the need to, like, try? 

And now, the time has come: he swiped right on you, you swiped right on him, and you’re presented with a question: do you break the ice, or is this yet ANOTHER one added to your hot graveyard of missed connections …?

At Chappy, we believe in connecting, not collecting. Because what are we afraid of — being seen as too eager? Getting too vulnerable? Not being sure how many exclamation points is socially acceptable? Are we just afraid of rejection...?

Okay, actually all of those things, but that’s a post for a different day. Here are our ten top performing opening liners:

1. We call this the “Straight No Chaser”:

“Hey! I’ve seen you around before and think you’re so handsome. I’d love to grab a drink and get to know you.”

2. Test the waters with something wild. How they react says a lot about their sense of humor…

“My parents are coming to town this weekend. When are you free to meet them?”

3. Try to bake a mutual interest into your greeting.

“Happy Friday ~ I’m so glad Meryl Streep, ruler of earth and sky, allowed the sun come out today.”

4. Ask an open question — let them get creative.

“Hello. What is your favorite form of potato?”

5. Asked a closed question — giving them a “would you rather” sometimes makes responding less intimidating.

“Hello. Which form of potato do you prefer: mashed or fried?”

6. Make space for them to tell a story.

“How’s it going? What made you laugh today?”

7. Build on what you’re seeing in their profile!

“You’re so handsome. If you had to choose one pic on your profile that describes you best, which one would it be?”

8. Or go for things you the profile doesn’t tell you!

“What song is stuck in your head? For me, work today was somewhere in the range of hectic between “Always Be My Baby” and “Despacito.”

9. Be honest with what you’re looking for…

“I’m really just on here for podcast recs. What are you listening to lately?”

10. Or really, just crack a joke:

“Thank God! Ariana stopped releasing music long enough for me to get on here.”

Make these your own, draw on cues you pick up from their profile, but most importantly, have fun. Now get out there and get to matching (on Chappy, of course), whether you're looking for something Casual, Commitment, All Dates, or Friends!