Got Gay Friends? Stop Doing That Thing You're Doing

Chances are that you know a gay person. You may even know two. Go you!

And, like any good friend who just wants to help another friend find love, your natural reflex may be to set your one gay friend up with your other gay friend. Stop doing that.

Unless their birth charts are perfectly compatible, they have a perfect height ratio, and they both think cilantro tastes like soap, don’t do it. Being gay isn’t the only thing couples have in common.

Instead, tell them about Chappy!

Chappy is a gay connections app for dating and friendship that’s safer, better-moderated, and more positive than any other out there. 

We’re on a mission to end the stereotypes that keep gay men in boxes (like — for example — that we all like the same things. This writer, for one, loves cilantro). It's like we're swooping in to save the… gay.

As the gay dating app powered by Bumble, we are committed to spreading kindness and inclusivity in a space that has historically been full of labels, discrimination, and difficulty finding a meaningful match.

Learn more about our mission and our modes here!

Short term, long term, or friendly terms, tell your gay friends to download Chappy and connect on their terms.

With Love,

Chappy Mission Control