To The Haters Posting The 'Anti-LGBT' Emoji: NOT TODAY

Once again, hate has gone viral. You may have seen, or at least read about, the ‘anti-LGBT’ emoji  (unofficial and not sanctioned, we must add): a Pride flag with a strikethrough that’s been cropping up on social media platforms and even in our comments. We’ve got a few thoughts.

Our community has been dealing with this sort of bigoted, discriminatory bullsh*t for so long that our immediate response is to roll our eyes, but this is also a serious reminder that hatred against LGBTQIA+ folks lives — online and off. When the IRL world doesn’t always feel safe, seeing this symbol in our digital spaces makes this even more scary.

At Chappy, we’re taking this opportunity to say: not today, homophobes. Discrimination of any kind is unwelcome on our app and all our online platforms.

To those of us with the privilege to show our real faces on a gay dating app, we’ve got to stay in the fight against anti-LGBT intimidation. These daily struggles are still very real in our larger community, and we can never, ever, stop giving a f*ck.

You belong to a community that has fought to see our flag fly in the face of adversity, and how we love is stronger than any challenge — and certainly any emoji! — that comes our way.

So we’ll keep working toward our vision for a safe, inclusive platform for making connections. After all, we’re in this together.

Love, Chappy x