How To Find A Guy In 10 Swipes

At Chappy Mission Control, we get a lot of questions about how to make more matches — is it your profile pictures, bio or luck!? To answer all your questions, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to make more matches:


Fill out your bio! People are much more likely to swipe on you if you have something to say for yourself. You could be the cutest guy on earth but unless you show personality, it’s difficult to make matches.

Example Bio: I’m Trevor 👋 I have a bulldog named Susan and we love long walks through Prospect Park in the morning and meeting friends at Smorgasburg for a bite to eat at lunch. On chill nights you can find me watching Big Little Lies and devouring a bag of chips and salsa.  

2. Instagram: LINK YOURS.

On Chappy, you can give your fellow swipers a quick preview of your life beyond your dating profile for even more conversation starters. We know that guys who have linked their Instagrams to their profiles get more matches!

3. Photos: ACT NATURAL.

The best performing profiles always have clear, well lit photos. Avoid those blurry selfies in dark rooms — they don’t work.

Guys want to see the real you, so head outside, or to your reading nook, or to your island getaway —  but actually to that one window near your desk that kind of gets sun. Switch your camera to portrait mode and snap some shots of you living your best life (and spicing it up by adding in a dog won't hurt, either).

4. Being A Dick: DON'T.

Any abusive or discriminatory comments in your bio will be moderated and you won’t be allowed on the app. It’s pretty hard to find a guy if you can’t use Chappy safely, so let’s treat others how you’d like to be treated.


We always encourage people to be open minded. Spend some time looking through guys’ profiles, and READ their bios. You’re much more likely to have a successful match if you swipe on guys that you have something in common with. Don’t just swipe left based on one photo; you could be missing out on a connection that’ll stand the test of time.

6. Expand your radius

There is more to life than dating guys who ONLY live somewhere convenient enough between your apartment, your gym, and your office (not to drag y'all, but like, yeah). If you’re not seeing many guys in your area, why not expand your radius a little? You’ll meet more people AND see new parts of town, so tbh it’s a win win.

Now you're ready to take on the world of kinder, more authentic connections. 

Don’t have the app yet? Download Chappy right now to put these tips into action.

— From Your Matchmakers at Mission Control