Chappy Pledge

Introducing The Chappy Pledge, our biggest project since we first launched Chappy. Over the last 10 years, gay dating apps have revolutionised the way our community connects with each other. Technology has helped us invariably, from meeting like-minded guys just a few feet away, to building networks and making friends in new cities. While these platforms have given us such a convenient space to date and connect, they also provide a screen to hide behind. Sometimes we lose touch of the realities of what we're putting out there. We say things we may not even realise could offend others, and prejudice is disguised as preference. Our incredible and progressive community is pulled backwards in time by anonymous platforms that provide spaces for actions and language that we would never deem acceptable in real life. We did some research into how guys use, view and talk about dating apps and we kind of just thought… Why be a dick to someone when you could just swipe left?

We're doing something about it. Every guy who joins Chappy will have to take this Pledge before they are allowed to use the app. At Chappy we believe beauty is found in the way you treat others. Discrimination by race, religion, disability, gender identity, age or anything else is strictly forbidden. By using Chappy, you commit to treating your fellow members with respect, kindness and honesty, without judgement or bias.

To celebrate the Pledge movement we brought 16 guys from around the world and asked them to speak frankly about love, life and dating as a gay man. Watch the full video to hear more about what we're trying to do. So, we hope you'll join us in taking the Pledge and let's start loving dating again! 

The Chappy Team 

P.S. #DontBeADick