You Are Here: How Chappy's New Modes Will Get You Closer To A Perfect Match

So recently, we changed the names of our modes and introduced a whole new space, Chappy Friends! Now there are more ways than ever to connect and find exactly what you’re looking for in the app. Let’s break ‘em down.


This is the umbrella, catch-all mode for Chappy Dates. Here, you can see anyone in Casual, Commitment, or All Dates. So basically, All Dating is where you go if you’re open to anything from holding hands to….not holding hands.


Like we always say, in Casual, it’s Casual. We’re a sex-positive platform all about getting you closer to whatever you’re looking for, and we think that just because something’s “meaningless” doesn’t mean it can’t be kind. In Casual, you can be seen by anyone in All Dates or Casual.


We called it “Commitment” instead of “Committed” to sound (slightly) less scary. If you’re OPEN to commitment, try Commitment. Here, you can see anyone in this mode and still anyone in All Dates!



Chappy Friends is a totally separate space from Chappy Dates that’s all about platonic connection. This function has no age or distance filters so you can make friends and mentors anywhere. You’ll still see people closest to you first, but if you ever see someone trying to make a move when you matched as Friends, we’ll quickly point them to the party down the street (Chappy Dates, of course) and make sure this remains a space with no pressure. It’s about taking pottery classes. And playing mini golf. And going to book clubs. And happy hour.

So that’s how Chappy works now. We love evolving based on the feedback of our users, and we’re always open to more! Now get back out there and try all four options :-)