Taking Chappy to New Heights: Our New Look and Mission!

You might have noticed that we slipped into something a little more comfortable: a new look, a new experience in the app, and a new mission. We like to think we’ve made it to third base with our brand. Welcome to the new Chappy.

But why all the change? Because it’s time we evolve with our user base. We’ve done a lot of listening, and from the feelings about dating apps to loneliness and the ways social media contributes to negative body image, we think it’s safe to say that gay men rarely get the message that we’re enough — worthy enough, desirable enough, safe enough, or even gayenough. Sometimes it’s hard to look at how we treat each other and call it a “community.” We think it’s time we all worked a little harder.

Chappy is putting a face to gay dating to send the message that, before you ever match, you are enough. Once you’re back in the app, you’ll see Chappy now has FOUR modes! Chappy has always had different modes for different matches, and now they’re clearer than ever:

Chappy Dates


Embark on an exploration. It could become something serious.

Match in CASUAL

It might be light speed, but it’ll be seriously fun. Winky face.

Stargaze in ALL DATING

Go along for the ride! Match with people in Commitment or Casual.

And introducing…


This is a new and totally separate mode in the app Whether you’re in a new city or you feel like the ‘only’ in your hometown, make a friend on Chappy.

We’re challenging ourselves on Team Chappy, too — to expand the kinds of men we celebrate and the messages of worthiness we send. We hope you’ll come along for the ride (and bring a friend!). Chappy is a space that champions every user in being authentic, and we think that a photo-verified platform that prioritizes safety takes us closer to our mission: to go beyond the stereotypes and see people for who they actually are. Because good sex, relationships, and friendships happen to good people.

With love,

Chappy Mission Control